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Beauty Class Event English Department 2016


“Wearing the right clothes not only gives others impression that you’re heading business, but it convinces you, too.”

On Wednesday, May 11th 2016, English Department held a Beauty Class event for 2nd and 4th semester students. On this opportunity, English Department collaborated with Wardah Cosmetic. From Wardah's Beauty Assistant, they learned how to dress on formal look, how to choose blouse, pants, bag that are proper to wear when they have a job interview, do a business, or even later when they go to work. The students also learned step by step how to clean their face and how to make up. The theme of Beauty Class was “make up like no make up”. It’s a fashion trend on 2016 that people wear make up with natural colour so it will give natural and fresh look as if they don’t make up. Say no to heavy look make up.

Here some steps that have been noted by students about how to put make up on:
1.  use milk cleanser to clean our face and neck first
2.  use facial wash to deep clean step
3.  use toner to diminish the pores
4.  apply moisturizer in all part of face and neck except eyes
5.  use foundation to cover face skin from black stain (choose the tone colour of foundation one tone under our skin tone or at least the same tone with our skin tone, not a brighter one)
6.  apply powder with powder brush in all part of face (we can choose brighter powder colour)
7.  use eye shadow with natural colour for example light brown
8.  use slanted brush, a small angled brush to define our eyes. Choose darker colour than the eyeshadow, make a small arrow shape and then blend it only at the end of eyes
9.  use eye liner to define the shape of our eyes. Use mascara to give an intense effect of eyelashes
10. use blush on on both of our cheek
11. give some shading to our nose so that our nose look more sharp
12. And the last, use lip brush to apply lipstick to give a better look than put on the lipstick instantly. Don’t forget to use lip balm before. Choose natural colour.


The Student listened to Beauty Assistant Explanation and practiced it step by step


After the Beauty Class dismissed, the students looked pretty. Good practice, students!