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English Department Study Excursion 2016 Event

On Tuesday, July 26th, 2016 English Department visited Solopos and Tourism Information Office of Surakarta. The purpose of this event is to increase the practical knowledge of the student about tourism and journalism sector. And the special thing was they learned from the expertise directly.


At the Solopos, they learned how a newspaper was published from the scratch. The promotion officer, Ms. Alda, who accompanied us during all the session at Solopos, explained how to get a news, select a news, lay out, until publishing. After the explanation session, the students were excited to ask some questions to her. The students still had eager to get more and more knowledge about journalism practice.



Solopos today is not only running on the newspaper business, but it also has a Solopos FM,, Toko Solopos, Solopos TV and so on. Solopos reads what’s in today, what people need and what they can serve to the market. So, the students learned a lot about that too.


The explanation was over, the students had an opportunity to have a company tour guided by Ms Alda. They stopped in a broadcasting room, watched the broadcaster airing, and asked some questions to the broadcaster. Fortunetly, they had a brief airing session on Solopos FM. Next move, Ms. Alda invited to come into the working room of the reporter and the printing office that was not only print newspaper, but also provide a service to print books from another company.

One session was done. They had a break for a moment for lunch.


The next destination was Tourism Information Office of Surakarta. They got a story from Mr. Budi Sartono, the Head of Promotion and Relation about Surakarta. In fact he was born in Madiun so it made him felt so close to us. He told us that he was very impressed with Madiun where has special culinary. Between Solo and Madiun had its own special characteristics. It was better for us to take and give informations especially for tourism sector. how the tourism concept, policy, branding and some tourism spots and events in Surakarta. He taught us how to manage tourism well in order that we can take the advantages for economic people's growth. Surakarta or wellknown has international name as Solo City (SOC) actually had very minimum of Natural Resources. However the stake holder especially the Mayor of Solo (Pak Jokowi at that time) had commitment to provide and empower an excellent Javanese culture tourism destinations. He told us that Solo has a tag line, Solo "feel the spirit of Java".


The student went home with new and lots of information.