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Table Manner for 2nd Semester of English Department Students

Ethics of association of national and international scale can not be separated from the ordinance or ”TABLE MANNERS”.Eating ethics or table manners is a rule that must be done when dinning together at the dinner table. Learning table etiquette is not just about eating etiquette or eating utensils. Mastering the table manner is also from of self image, even proffesionalism. A good understanding of the table manner even affects the success of a career or bussiness.

On the 17th of May, Wednesday, the students of second semester English Department attended table manner at Aston Hotel Madiun. Table manner is a routine activity that becomes an annual activity of english student. We joined table manner event with our senior students from Bussiness Administration, the forth semester. We entered Aston Hotel at 8 o’clock and waited in front of balroom until at 9 o’clock. We entered Bima Grand Balroom and we were sat at table set by the commitee.We were greeted by marketting manager of Aston Hotel,mr Aji. He explained the sequence of activities during table manner event

The activities details are as follow:

1. Presentation from ASTON Management about the history of ASTON, the various of the luxurious hotel.

There are : Fave hotel, Neo Hotel, Quest Hotel, Harper Hotel, Royal Alana, ASTON, and Royal Kamuela.

2. Hotel Tour

In this activity, we are invited to go to around the hotel and see the facilities there. The guide from Aston showing and explaining us about the facilities and let us try some facilities such as :

  • Junior Suite Room
  • President Suite Room
  • Swimming Pool
  • Gym
  • Spa
  • Lobby
  • Cake Corner

3. Table Manner Event

For the next activity, we start the table manner event. The waitress serving us the appetizer, the appetizer is bread with butter cream. The second menu is shrimp salad. The third menu is soup. The fourth menu is beef steak as the main course. The last menu is strawberry cake as the dessert.

  • Bread
  • Appettizer(salad)
  • Soup
  • Main course (steak)
  • Dessert (Strawberry Cake)

When we ate all the menu, we use some equipment that have each function. Like we use the bread knife for greasing the butter into the bread, for cocktail we use fork and knife salad, and for soup we use soup spoon, for the main course we use fork and knife steak, and the last for the dessert we use a small dessert spoon and fork.

4. Question and answer from ASTON HOTEL

All of participants and lecturers freely to ask some questions everything about Table Manner


The Purpose of Table Manners are for :

  1. Showing us about the right step how to eat with the same attitude in the special event or some event like official event.
  2. Telling us how to use tableware, when we can use the tableware and kind of tableware that we use for some menu.
  3. Telling about some attitude when we eat in the official or special event.
  4. Showing us some foods that usually served for official event.

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photo by Elia and Ridho