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Tourism Practice for 5th Semester Students of English Department

On January 11, 2017 the 5th semester students of English Department have a duty to finish Final Project (Tourism Management, Guiding Technique, and Tourism Practice). They have to finish it by making the tour plan. All of tour plan is managed by them.

There are 5 groups to make this tour plan. They are Food and beverage section, Bus, Healthy, Tour Group and also the leader, secretary, and treasurer or finance division. Food and Beverage Section is functioned to provide breakfast, lunch, and even snack. Bus Group is functioned to manage transportation. They are cooperated with the transportation office to select the best transportation. Healthy Group prepare the drugs and plastic bag to anticipate the student who gets a sick. And Tour Group is functioned to observe the price of tourism place tickets and also the parking.

There, they practiced to manage the tour plans, such as making the rundown, choosing destination, providing the food or beverage, choosing transportation, and etc.

One group with other do good cooperation. They are helping each other. And the benefits of this activity is adding new experience to manage the real tour plan. So when they graduate from Madiun State Polytechnic, they will get the experience in tourism and journalism industry.

This practice exam is very important to improve students' ability. Students can learn to build good teamwork, manage the tour plan correctly. When they get the problems, they learn to handle it properly and correctly without reducing professional attitude.Not only that, they can also practice to take pictures with different backgrounds, situations, and environmental conditions. They can practice how to take pictures for the purposes of journalism. They have to take some theme, to make some news, article, photo journalism, and etc. In Communication Skill lesson, they have to involve themselves to communicate with the foreigner or tourist. They are as candidate for graduates of English Department in the tourism and journalism field must dare to be skilled on speaking with other people especially using English. Therefore, considering the importance of this practice exam, it is suggested to give the chance the next semester student more time to do the tour plan for more than 1 day. (Titi ED '14)

Photo by Yandwiko ED '14